Words Hunter's Way Volume 1

Hunter turned THREE yesterday! Here are just some cute things Hunter says/has been saying/has said this past year that I want to document for posterity's sake...

strawberria (strawberry-uh) = strawberry

He's having trouble with the br sound in general, so we have: 
droken = broken 
dread = bread
dridge = bridge
Baby Drody = Baby Brody

I can't try. = I can't do it. (e.g. Mommy: Hunter, go pee before we leave the house. Hunter: (standing on stool in front of toilet with pants around ankles, in the position to pee Daddy-style) I can't try!

too many = a lot / so many (e.g. Hunter: Mommy, look, I have too many cars! Mommy: Yes, son, you certainly do.)

I give an explanation of any sort of thing, he repeats said thing and follows it with, "Oh yeah! That's right!" (e.g. Mommy: Santa Claus is the Christmas man.  Hunter: Santa Claus is the Christmas man. Oh yeah! That's right!)

thack = that (e.g. thack way, thack one, etc.)

make it noisy = turn up the volume (of the car radio)

"Tiny, tiny Paloma!"

Papi: Hunter, time for a bath! Hunter: No hair wash?

Earlier this year he would say "oh" instead of "yes." (e.g. Papi: Do you want some more carrots? Hunter: Oh!

hosiple = hospital

obilips (rhymes with obilisk) = olives

What happened it? = What happened? or What happened to him/her/it?

all gedder = all together

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