New Month's Resolutions: October

How did I do last month?

Take photos in manual mode. I didn't take a ton of photos last month, but when I did, I was in manual mode! Hooray! Still trying to get the hang of it, though...

Get ready for baby! All the major stuff is ready. Clothes, cloth diapers, burp cloths, washcloths, and sheets are all washed and organized. Gear has been gathered, nursing supplies stocked, car seat installed, and hospital bag is packed! I even have two Montessori mobiles ready for the baby (for months 1-2), but I am still working on a third one, which I don't introduce until the third month anyway. (I will do a post on those mobiles later.)

Parenting stuff: avoid parenting with threats and saying "Good job!" Well, I was pretty good about the no "good job" stuff, but the threats, well, I still need to work on that.

Tackle my to-do list. I definitely didn't cross off everything on that list, especially because I kept adding not so fun stuff as the month continued. I did finish my decor projects, one is Hunter's room, which I hope to show you soon. Also, I did take some new pictures for Hunter's getting ready poster. Here are some of them. He is getting ready to leave the house.

Relax! I did this a bit. Some days just watching TV or movies instead of tackling my to-do list. I cracked open my coloring book (once).  I gave myself a mani-pedi, but I didn't finish reading the two books I am in the middle of, but I still have some time before baby comes, I think.

Now on to my new goals:

1. Be patient. I cannot wait for this baby to come. I thought I'd have a September baby. Now it's October and still no baby. My due date is October 13, but I am just so impatient. Obviously, the baby needs more time, and I need to take advantage of that time and finish up my to-do list.

2. Do special time with Hunter. This new baby isn't here yet, and already Hunter is hearing, "Don't touch that -- it's the baby's!" He was recently grabbing at a blanket that is his (was Isaiah's as a baby), and when I told him to stop, he said, "It's the baby's?" Poor boy. I don't want him to resent this baby, and I certainly don't want to lose my connection to him. 

3. RELAX for now and SLEEP when baby sleeps once he/she is here. No explanation needed!

Hope you have a great month!!!

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  1. First of all, Hunter is adorable! And so cute that he gets ready on his own ... and even the "is this the baby's" bit was so cute :-)
    Do relax babe, and take care of yourself. I know, easy for me to say ;-) Baby will be here sooo soon! Use the time to put some sleep in the bank ;-) xoxoxo


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