My Cloth Diapering Journey Part 5: Other Cloth Diapering Accessories

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After this post, there's only one more left in my cloth diapering journey series (and it only took me 2.5 years to get them all done)! I have mentioned wet bags and Snappies and Thirsties covers and Bac-Out and RLR Laundry Treatment in past cloth diaper posts, but that's not all! Here are some other accessories we used...

Doublers and Liners:
Bumkins Boosters -- These add another layer of absorbency. Good for overnight. This product is discontinued, but this one is similar.
Hemp Doubler w/layer of fleece -- Use this to add extra absorbency at night, plus the fleece gives a "stay dry" effect.
Bummis fleece liner -- These are also great for creating a "stay-dry" effect at night when you don't want baby waking up because of a wet diaper, but they do not add absorbency, just an extra layer. They are also really great to use if a baby has an unfortunate diaper rash and you want to use rash cream. Creams can affect the absorbency of cloth diapers, so this liner creates a layer of protection between the diaper and the cream.
Bummis disposable liner -- These are great for easy clean-up of solids and you can flush them.

Wool Care:
Eucalan wash -- This product is great for hand washing wool covers, but I even used it for washing other delicate wool clothing (some cool weather layers for Hunter as well as mami and papi's wool sweaters).
Lanolin -- I used a product by Imse Vimse called Wool Cure, but it's hard to find. You can use just plain lanolin dissolved in hot water. (Wait until it cools to add wool covers.)

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