My Maternity Style: Baby #2 Edition

Early this pregnancy, I had visions of me popping all over town in HATCH collection pieces like a chic mama-goddess. Reality, though, is that HATCH collection is totally out of my budget and would have only been worth the splurge if I had purchased a few pieces during my first pregnancy. Reality is that I am running around after an almost 3-year-old and for the first five months of my pregnancy I was a student. Alas, like my first pregnancy (second trimester style post here and third trimester style post here), I had to make do with hand-me-downs or resale shop finds, all the while feeling like none of the pieces were really "my style," which I had been working on for a couple of years since Hunter was born. 

Like last time, I even attempted to wear clothing from my regular wardrobe for as long as possible. The problem is, by 7 or 8 weeks I could no longer wear my regular trousers and jeans. Luckily, I got a new batch of maternity hand-me-downs from my sister, including lots of work pants that I could wear to school and for my student teaching assignments. I also decided that I really wanted to feel and look good this pregnancy, so I allowed myself a couple of purchases even though this is likely my last pregnancy. 

I headed to H&M for some maternity knickers, black tights, olive green skinny "moto" jeans, and simple black cotton leggings. (I am usually not OK with buying fast fashion from places like H&M, but I made this one exception. At least the underpants and leggings were part of their "conscious" collection.) I also bought a pair of super cute Rosie Pope Maternity trousers from zulily: black, ankle length, with a hint of dressy -- perfect, except for the size (slightly too small -- I am gonna go with "her styles run small") and no returns. Sadly, they only lasted me through week 15 or 16. I also bought this top from Target. Other than those purchases, I was able to sail through the first 20 weeks or so wearing my non-maternity tops with maternity bottoms. 

Once I was done with school and summer hit, I pretty much lived in dresses (just like last time). I alternated between a Mata Traders non-maternity dress (hand-me-down from sister) and a couple of nursing dresses that I bought after Hunter was born (the photo of me at 24 weeks preggo = old BoobDesign, but this one is similar; the other is Jojo Maman Bebe similar to this), and called it good. Every now and again I wore some khaki or denim shorts (thanks to another batch of hand-me-downs from a friend) with loose-fitting sleeveless non-maternity blouses my sister bought in size Large when she was pregnant. Once I hit 30 weeks, however, the non-maternity dress I was wearing pretty much every day was getting snug in the chest area (not to mention shorter and shorter in the front), and I just felt I needed a couple of more belly-friendly tops. A Pea in the Pod was having a clearance sale: buy 1 and get the 2nd for $5, so I grabbed this top and this one (which I chose specifically because they do not have ruching, so I can wear them post-baby), plus a tunic and a dress for a wedding we'd be attending as a family (my "fancy mumu" in the 3rd photo).  By the way, can you believe those photos are my only baby-bump pics? I am usually the one behind the camera, so I don't really have many photos of me this pregnancy!

Anyway, now well into my third trimester, that last photo/look is my "uniform" (but I always fall back on my nursing dresses when it's too hot): tunics or stretchy tops with black capris, black leggings, or olive skinny jeans. Here are some ideas for a late summer/early fall third trimester uniform...

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