New Month's Resolutions: June

I am done with school and my little guy will be done in a couple of weeks. That means that in the next two weeks I need to squeeze in all my to-do list stuff before I start my own little summer camp for Hunter, and by summer camp I just mean get us out of the house! Really, though, I am planning lots of fun stuff for us, so it's going to be great! On to my goals...

How did I do last month?

Move, look more put together, and keep my nails neat and tidy. I didn't move much until the last week of May. That week I went for lots of walks and even did a prenatal yoga video! I was sick for 2 weeks, so that didn't help, especially with looking put together. I did, however, keep my nails neat and tidy. For me, that bad habit is such a mind over matter issue. I have proven that I can kick that habit, but it's easy for me to slip, so I've just got to keep talking myself out of it. 

Conquer my upcoming exams. Well, I passed! I am completely finished with my program. I am now officially a Montessorian ;)

No dirty dishes in the sink and no clothes on the floor. Ha! No comment.

So, what's in store for June?

1. Move and look more put together. Yes, it's like a broken record, and it will be until these things are not goals anymore but part of my lifestyle.

2. No dirty dishes in the sink and no clothes on the floor. I am bringing this one back too because I didn't give it a proper try last month.

3. Complete a gallery wall in the living room (and catch up on some blog posts). I have pretty much everything I need for this. I just need to actually get stuff up on the wall.

So, that's it! Trying to keep it simple and manageable because my main goal is to plan a fun summer!


  1. yaaaaay! Congratulations on conquering your exams!!! That is absolutely awesome, Amanda! WOW. That alone counts as 3 goals in my book ;-)

    As for the upcoming goals, I can really really relate to #2 myself... maybe I'll add it in next month :-)
    I have to make some additions to my gallery wall as well – much fewer affordable resources in Switzerland than in the US, which really bums me out. Maybe I can convince one of my artist friends to make me something for my birthday ;-)

    Have a wonderful month!! Hugs.

  2. Congrats for passing the exam and for being done. It most feel wonderful.
    I know the feeling of a broken record it's just other words for me. But I am sure we can get closer - one step at a time.
    Have a wonderful summer.


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