New Month's Resolutions: May

Hello, friends! I am so very happy April is over. Even though it's my birthday month, so many things went wrong. I will explain more later, but let's just say my goals for March were a bust. I had too much going on with school and preparations for our trip to Sicily to focus on them. Then when things went sour in April, I started chewing my nails again. But it's May! A brand new month, and it actually feels like a fresh start.

That photo above is from the San Diego Safari Park back in December, but it expresses my feelings about what lies ahead. I am going to attack this month! I have lots to accomplish, and I will be bold and fierce like a lioness!

What are my goals for May?

1. Get back on track with the goals that I started earlier this year but that fell to the way side: movelook more put together, and keep my nails neat and tidy.

2. Conquer my upcoming exams. I want to study and practice so much that I will walk into my exams with confidence and a calmness about me like, "I've got this." 

3. No dirty dishes in the sink and no clothes on the floor. When my house is neat and tidy, it motivates me to be productive.

Also, I have three posts I am working on. I hope to hit publish on all of them in the next few days, so stay tuned!


  1. Oh, I really like your goals! I can definitely relate to #1 and #3 myself!

    Sorry April is so sucky, I hope May goes smoother for you. Hugs!

  2. Whoo for being back on track.
    April was in some parts a set back for me too and I really wanna tackle some stuff I bothered by.
    I wish you all the luck for the exams.


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