Happy New Year and New Month's Resolutions

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Elisa over at Globetrotting in Heels has had the fabulous idea to set new month's resolutions: attainable resolutions each month that you'll actually stick with! I've decided to link up with her and start setting these monthly goals for myself. Better late than never, I think. (And since they should be attainable, for the time being, they will NOT include keeping up with the blog! Perhaps the next couple of months the only time I will post is to set my new goals!)

This month, I resolve to:

1. Look more put together when leaving the house.

So far, so good. For me, this goal just means think a little more about my outfit, not just T-shirt and jeans. Put on a bit of make-up. Wear my hair down. Switch up my jewelry a bit. I feel really good when I leave the house a bit more together like this. Notice I write specifically "when leaving the house." Today I am home sick with Hunter, and I want nothing to do with looking put together.

2. Stay on top of school work more. 

This one is a bit tricky because I started out the new year behind on school work, but I mostly mean that after I turn in my third album on Monday, I will be more focused on staying on track with the next album and not getting so behind.

3. Sing songs with Hunter more.

This one should be an easy goal to keep because Hunter loves all the songs from The Sound of Music. Every night he likes me to show him The Sound of Music pop-up book I got from Isaiah for Christmas. When we get to certain pages, he requests his favorite songs, and I am happy to oblige. In theory, this is an easy goal to reach, but not necessarily in practice. Lately, I seem to let household or school stuff get in the way of spending quality time with my family. So I want to make singing songs with my son a priority. As in, it's more important than folding the laundry, which I can do after he goes to bed.

I think I will have success this month reaching these goals, but still, wish me luck! ;)

P.S. These are a couple of photos from our first ever family photo session (!) taken back in November.


  1. You guys are such a beautiful family! <3 <3

    I really love you third resolution — I have been meaning to read with Stella more often. She needs the practice in German more, but it's so fun to cuddle in her bed and read fancy Nancy or Dr. Seuss together!

    I'm sorry you guys are sick, I am home today with a bit of the flu myself :-( Here's to use being all better soon! Hugs.

  2. I'm really glad Elisa's resolution post led me to your blog. Those family photos are adorable! Good luck on your resolutions... those little things go a long way!

  3. Hey Amanda,
    I love your goals as they are so different to mine. Looking forward reading more here. I'll have a look around to get to know you. Have a great weekend, Tobia


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