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In the temp apt. He's happy anywhere. Glad someone is ;)

Gosh! Where to begin? The last post I wrote, we were still in our little white house, and now we are in a furnished apartment -- temporary accommodations -- that we can't wait to get out of! Ugh. Just a few happenings to report...

As I mentioned, Hunter and I both started school. He has adapted really well to the Montessori environment, and we had the opportunity to observe him for a bit last week. It was so neat to watch him navigate his classroom and receive a lesson from his teacher. I was so happy to see him focused, engaged, and independent (you know, as much as you can expect from an almost 2-year-old).

My training program has been amazing. Being a preschool teacher/educator of children 6 and under is such an important job -- something I am not taking lightly. My heart and mind are transforming in the best way possible. I've learned so much about children, ideas that will help me as a teacher and mother. I don't know where I will be this time next year, but I sure hope it will be working with children and using my training.

We sold our house, but oh boy was escrow a very trying time. The buyer was making some unreasonable requests -- we thought we might have to start all over! We also needed to figure out where to move... and for about a month we thought it might be New York! Isaiah flew out there for a job interview, but in the end he turned down the offer. Since we weren't sure where we'd be living, we moved to this temporary apartment and put all our stuff in storage. It looks like we'll be in San Diego for a while longer, so the hunt for a new place begins.

In the meantime, there was some apple picking, a school field trip to the pumpkin patch for Hunter, lots of studying for me, and we booked a family trip to SICILY! We'll be heading there for spring break, using lots of recs from this blog. Also, I can't believe next week is Thanksgiving! Where did the year go?


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  2. Oh wow, have a fantastic time in Sicily!
    And OMG, that picture of Hunter biting into the pear while it's still attached to the brand is just adorable <3


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