Tent Camping in Lake Tahoe... Again!

Our new car parked at our campsite... looks like a Subaru ad, huh? Bear box on the right.
You may remember that last year we took Hunter on his first camping trip (and my first trip ever) to Lake Tahoe. I mentioned that it would be lovely to make it a yearly family tradition to camp there every July. Well, we went back this summer! We were there in early July, and it was such a fun vacation. This time around Hunter was really into the whole experience. He loved the dirt, the trees, the sand, the rocks, the water, the ducks and geese, and even sleeping in the tent! Last year, at 7 months old, he didn't do a whole lot. Mostly nurse, eat watermelon, and get carried around in the baby carrier. But this year he made friends with other children at the campground and explored his surroundings and just generally enjoyed being in his favorite place: outdoors! What a difference a year makes. As an added bonus, he was so occupied playing at our campsite that I actually got to read an entire issue of Vogue. Wahoo!!

Although we stayed at the same campground as last year, we switched up our itinerary a bit. In addition to a couple of beach days, we went into "town" (South Lake Tahoe) a lot to wander in the shops, have lunch, eat locally made ice cream by the lake, and take the gondola up to Heavenly. 


  1. You are a beauty Amanda!! I hope you frame that picture of you and Hunter.

  2. Aww he's so happy! I wish I could enjoy camping, but I've sadly hated it every single time! I like my bed too much :(

  3. little man is having the time of his life. what a wonderful tradition you guys have. your husband doesn't wear a watch? how come, just not needed? i can't even go out without one!

    Buckets & Spades

  4. Looks like you had a lot of fun. I can't wait for new traditions with our child as well.


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