Baby Shower Gift Ideas

(All images via manufacturers' websites except for NoseFrida via Target)

In the last several years, I have attended numerous baby showers. If I knew the gender ahead of time, I almost always used to give a cute outfit. Then I became a mama and started paying closer attention to the registry. I definitely appreciated the gifts that came from my registry, especially because I personally put a lot of thought and research into what went on my registry, so I respect that new parents want things they need (or at least what they think they need). Of course I appreciate everything we received for Baby Freerksen, but I especially loved the gifts that either followed a cute theme or came from expert moms who gave me things they found indispensable as new mamas (hello, breastfeeding gear! bibs! socks! plain white bodysuits!). 

New babies get lots of clothes, cozy blankets, diapers, and burp cloths, but it wasn't until my baby was in my arms with spit up everywhere, I hadn't showered or dressed or eaten, that I would realize, "Gosh, I could really use X right about now." Also, eventually babies get sick of staring at your face and actually want to touch things and play with toys. Plastic food containers, cups, and wooden spoons are great, but there were a few times I wish I had had some toys stashed in the closet that I could break open on the spot. 

Without further ado, here are my ideas for baby shower gifts I never knew I wanted or needed until after I became a mama...

"Bath-time Fun" Theme: Some mamas use soap on their babies, and some mamas just use water. So I tend to stay away from those kinds of bath essentials. Instead, I like to think about bath-time fun. When Hunter was big enough to sit in the bath without support, it looked rather lonely in the tub. Luckily these stacking cups were on my registry, so I pulled those out. 
1. That cute Under the Nile frog washcloth is actually a puppet/mitt. The tiny washcloths I received are better suited for mopping up runny noses, but this kind of washcloth is actually one I'd use in the bath. I could be silly with the puppet and then give Hunter a quick scrub down. (Organic & Fair Trade. Made in Egypt.)
2.The Green Toys tugboat is both a toy and useful water scoop. It makes rinsing shampoo out of baby's hair so fun! Sort of. (Made in USA)
3. Bath toys in general like Sophie for the bath or this kit (including a classic rubber duckie) are great, too.

Heirloom Toys: A handmade wooden car, a classic pull toy, or wooden clutch toy are all gifts families would treasure and pass on from generation to generation. I like the wooden toys from HABA because they are made with high-quality materials under sustainable practices. (Made in Germany) These cloth veggies from Under the Nile are pretty adorable, too. 

Medicine Cabinet Kit: Some parents prefer homeopathic remedies, and I am one of them, but when my baby has a super high fever, I turn to Baby Motrin. These other essentials are items I wish I had had on hand.
1. The NoseFrida works a thousand times better than a regular bulb aspirator. While you're at it, pick up a Windi too for relieving gas. (Made in Sweden.)
2. I use a saline spray in conjunction with the Nose Frida to loosen up pesky snot.
3. Camilia teething drops by Boiron are a great alternative way to treat painful teething symptoms.

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