Hunter as a White Plume Moth

Cool, huh? Photo Copyright Jack Harrison

Today was the first annual Butterfly Festival at The Water Conservation Garden, celebrating the grand opening of their new Butterfly Pavilion. As part of the festivities, organizers encouraged children to dress up as pollinators and march in a "Pollinator Parade." And truth be told, I really wanted to see Hunter in the white tights from his cow costume, so I was deciding between a white butterfly and a white plume moth. I went with the plume moth, which is known for its wings that look like feathers. I loosely followed this tutorial to make the wings and glued several large quills to the front and back, twisted some pipe cleaners for antennae, and there you go! His little buddy "B" wore hummingbird wings that his mama painstakingly made with colorful felt. It was a great festival, but mostly, I just loved seeing those two walk around in costume. ;)

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