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Hunter has spent most of his life barefoot. A little over a month ago, I finally got him his first pair of "shoes" from an awesome Etsy shop that Krystal mentioned. They're little corduroy booties, and he's worn them nearly every day, crawling all over the house and sometimes outside. Because of all that wear and tear, he's worn down the big toe area so much that now each shoe has a little hole there. As cute as those booties are, what I need are leather booties, material that will withstand some outdoor fun (because this is San Diego and in December he is still crawling around outdoors). Robeez are cute, but I am thinking of something a little more stylish like these lovelies I found on Etsy. Plus, I think handmade is so much more special. yup. Love me that Etsy!

1. Oh my! Loving the stars on these booties from MadKouch, and the long sock part is especially for mamas who love to wear their babies. Baby's pants usually ride up while in a carrier, but you just pull the socks up to keep baby's legs warm! Made in France. 
2. Fantastic design on these lime green booties, but I am crazy for everything at the Pici Papucs shop. Hands down the most beautiful handmade baby shoes I've ever seen. Made in Australia.
3. Made (in USA) of recycled wool and suede from Woolby, the leather on these booties are just where I need it to be -- at the toes! For every sale, creator Voneen donates $2 to Autism Speaks.
4. Cute TOMS-inspired, but more baby-friendly with the soft soles, these booties from Crafts by Krysta are are made in USA. Plus, 50% of proceeds go to charity!


  1. oh you did get some!!! aren't they fun?! too bad they wore out though :( I think she has leather options? hmm...i'm tempted to get him some more but his other ones did eventually wear out - i think he was wearing them most when he wasn't so mobile i guess..but now that he's walking maybe they would be ok again!


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