Eleven Months

Hunter-boy, mama and papa took you to Balboa Park to take your picture, and you were just so much fun to watch. You loved digging in the dirt and climbing all over the roots of the trees. You laughed with papa and crawled through the grass. 

Shortly after the 10-months mark you started clapping your hands and waving hello and goodbye, things we'd been working on for a while. One minute mama was complaining about how you weren't doing those things yet, and then the next minute you were doing them almost simultaneously. Maybe you always knew how to all along, but you just finally got sick and tired of mama begging you to do them so you started showing us that you could. You also point to things now and chatter on and on about them. You continue to love birds, helicopters, and airplanes. You can spot them in the sky no problem and track them down with your index finger. You're also eating with the "pincer grasp" now, but my little boy who liked to eat fruits and veggies has become a meat-and-potatoes man. What? Anyway, all the things your little hands can do just amaze me. I could watch them for hours. They're like magic.

We can't believe that next month you'll be a year old! Where has the time gone, little one???

P.S. I just love the profile of your face. It reminds me so much of my papa's, your grandpa James.


  1. Oh my goodness, he is so cute. I need my Hunter fix.

  2. wowww a year. WE'VE MADE IT!

  3. I cannot handle the cuteness! That face, that hair, those itty bitty sneakers... so stinking cute! :)


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