mmMule and I Heart Worldette

If you haven't signed up for daily e-mails from Worldette, you are missing out. It started out as one of those, "If we have your sign-up information by mistake, please let us know and we won't start sending you e-mails" messages, and it was so much easier to delete those messages than to find out what I had inadvertently (or not) signed up for. Then they started coming.

First message to catch my eye was a female Pakistani superhero, then I learned about A box from, then I read about Malala, and I found out about mmMule.

mmMule is my dream come true. You can make requests for things from around the world and people who can get you the stuff and will be in your area will bring it to you in exchange for whatever you agree upon. I am asking for Zweifel brand Paprika chips and Barner Schoggi chocolate bars from Switzerland in exchange for a tour of Barrio Logan. How cool is that?

Do you crave anything from your travels?

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