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A former naval training facility in San Diego, known simply as Liberty Station, now serves as gallery, restaurant, and office space. In fact, some of our favorite restaurants are located there (Tender Greens, anyone?)

Well, this past weekend, the NTC Promenade was the place to be to check out artwork from local artists. The yearly event is called Art Walk San Diego. Isaiah and I are not currently looking to invest in any artwork, but maybe if we save our pennies, someday we can invest in something really beautiful to hang on the wall. So instead of actually shopping for art, we did a little window shopping. I tasked Isaiah with the goal of finding a piece of art he would buy.

"Just pretend you had a lot of money to buy a piece of art. Look around and see what you would buy."

"I would buy a boat."

"OK, but let's say you already had a boat. Now you have money for some art. What speaks to you?"

I went on to explain that I was just curious about his style. I mean, if I had the money to buy him art as a gift, I wouldn't know what to give him.

It was fun to discover each other's taste in art. Isaiah even discovered he liked some photography pieces, which he didn't think he would like. Our taste in art (and decor, for that matter) can differ at times, but in the end, I noticed a couple of pieces by David Silvah and Irene Monarrez that we both liked. Their work has Spanish and Mexican themes that we both admire. Perhaps one of their pieces will grace our walls in the future...

P.S. How crazy is this art installation in Marfa, Texas? This photographer shoots with a vintage camera, super slow exposure (I think), dressed up like a cowboy, and captured himself "taking a shoe" from the Prada store.

P.P.S. In other decor-related news, check out my renovation blog to see what we're thinking about doing in the foyer.

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  1. WOW! I seriously need to check this art walk out next time im in sandiego!
    I am a native southern californian that just moved to el paso texas! About 2 hours away from Marfa!! <3 That photo is amazing.

    Love you blog! Check out mine and if you like it lets follow eachother ong G+/blogloviN!



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