Sven Style Favorite: Knot Bow Clog

Mushroom Clog

I've enjoyed reading all the comments on the Sven giveaway post and am inspired by the different styles everyone has chosen. It seems not everyone is as obsessed with clogs as I am, but my goal is to make a convert out of you yet! I'll post a couple more fashion inspiration posts like this, hoping that anyone who had doubts about the clog can see how truly fashion forward they can be. I get it, though, when you hear the word clog, you might think of those comfy work shoes that nurses wear or maybe just giant souvenirs from Holland. 

Clogs by definition, however, are any shoe with a wooden heel, and if you've visited the Sven site, you've noticed there are so many styles to choose from. The two pairs I featured in the giveaway post I chose because I wanted something summery, but this Knot Bow pair in Wild Mushroom is beautiful. I could see myself wearing these this fall and winter!

By the way, most of the items in this Polyvore set are Made in USA (not sure about the dress)!


  1. What a cute pair of clogs! I love the little bow detail on them. You styled them really well here!

  2. Awesome post!
    I am going to recommend it to a friend of mine and I know she will love it!
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