Conscious Consumerism: Honest

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Honest Helps Hippos
In total, Honest is donating $10,000 to World Wildlife Fund in order to support WWF's conservation efforts towards protecting hippos and other vulnerable animals and their habitats around the world.

That image is from an e-mail I got from The Honest Company after recently ordering a package of size 2 diapers. I specifically chose the hippo print because I thought it was pretty cool of them to donate money to WWF. Ever since I taught my third grade students about animal conservation, I am always on the lookout for ways to help.

By the way, yes, folks, we are devoted cloth diaper users around here. We do, however, recognize the convenience of disposable diapers and make sure to have a small stash just in case. I always keep one disposable diaper in my diaper bag (because they are way more compact than any cloth diaper out there) in addition to a back-up all-in-one. These are especially useful on frazzled mornings when I run out of the house without packing my cloth diapers for the day. Also, we're planning a camping trip for July, and I'm not so sure cloth diapers will be joining us.

Hunter spent the first 10 days of his life in disposables, so we had a chance to try out a few brands because we went through almost four packages in those 10 days. The hospital provided Pampers Swaddlers, and I did not like that I found the absorbent crystals on Hunter's skin. We tried Huggies Natural Care; he still got a rash. We tried Earth's Best; they could hardly hold in a little pee. So, now we are trying Honest diapers and so far so good. They're not so bad for a disposable diaper company ;)


  1. I thought about the Honest diapers...Jackson does well in Pampers Sensitive Swaddlers, but I wonder if I could try these...

    1. People really like them because you can sign up to have them delivered each month and you don't have to think about it.

  2. So glad to know someone who has used the Honest Diapers. We used 7th Generation for Gabe which worked fairly well. I became aware of Honest when potty training started. I would like to use Honest the next time around.

    1. I'm glad the 7th gen worked OK for you, but it is a bummer that the "earth friendly" brands don't work as well as conventional brands. At least there's this company, but I haven't used them enough to be able to compare them to Pampers. Next time around happening soon???


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