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Breastfeeding awareness month isn't until August, but I thought I'd go ahead and share my nursing essentials now because so much of my life right now is boob related.

Nursing Pads: Bamboobies

Nursing pads are one of those not so glamorous things that you just have to deal with when breastfeeding. I've tried so many kinds of disposable ones (Lansinoh, Medela, and Simplisse) and they all show through my clothes. Plus, it can get expensive buying a box of disposable pads each week. At $5-$10 a box, that can quickly add up. (At one point, I went through a box of 60 disposable Lansinoh pads in about three days. Eeek!)

So, I decided to go with the most cost-effective, eco-friendly, and comfortable solution. For me that meant Bamboobies. These are reusable/washable nursing pads that have soft absorbent velour on one side and a waterproof layer on the other side. Bamboobies are heart-shaped, made partly with certified organic cotton, and made in the USA. Hooray! (I have 3 sets of overnights and 8 sets of regulars.)

The only other reusable pads I tried were LilyPadz, and they just did not work for me. There are other washable pads out there, but I liked Bamboobies right away, so there was no need to try out any other brands. I do keep a box of Simplisse pads (now Dr. Brown's) on hand just in case I get lazy with laundry. Simplisse pads are the thinnest I have seen around, moderately comfortable, and biodegradable.

Nursing Tanks: Undercover Mama

These tanks are great because they attach to any nursing bra, allowing me to still wear most tops in my non-nursing wardrobe. You essentially can turn any top into a nursing top by wearing this tank underneath. Most nursing tanks have a built in shelf bra, but if you want more support, then you'd have to wear a bra underneath, which could get kind of bulky. This tank minimizes the bulk. I have three: one in gray, one in brown, and one in cream.

Nursing Bras: Bella Materna

First, let me say that before buying a bra on Bella Materna, it's important to get properly fitted for a bra at a lingerie shop that is NOT Victoria's Secret. The cup sizes at Bella Materna go from B-H not A-DD. Also, support comes from the band, not the straps. Funny because I always thought "over the shoulder boulder holder" (Beaches, anyone?) meant the straps were the main support to hold them babies up. Anyway, I found out that I'm actually one band size smaller than I have been wearing for the last 15 years and a completely different cup size. Well, I have tried two other brands of nursing bras, and Bella Materna wins all the way. The styles are supportive AND beautiful and made in USA! Also, the materials they use are free of toxins. All around winner!


  1. my favorite nursing tanks are glamour mom. i still wear them to nurse my 2.5 year old!

    my other big nursing tip: i also always tell pregnant moms to get a couple nursing easy dresses and or nightgowns that they can just LIVE IN for the first couple months postpartum...i tell them to buy them when they are preggo so they don't have to go out too much and worry about nursing supplies once baby arrives!

    glad i found your blog! it's a great read...;)

    1. I will have to check out those nursing tanks! That is a great nursing tip!!


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