Mama + Baby Photo Shoot

I have taken lots of photos of Hunter. I've even taken a bunch of photos of Hunter with Isaiah. In fact there are lots of photos of Hunter with everyone else but me. I literally have only two photos of me with Hunter. My friend Manda took them the day after Hunter was born. (I might have a couple floating around on my mom's camera immediately after Hunter's birth, but I am a little afraid to see those...) 

So, this afternoon I changed all that by setting up the tripod in our backyard. Please ignore the old fence and the lawn that needs mowing. ;)

Coming up this week: Hunter's 3 Months post. Yay!!

Also, here are some links for the week. Enjoy!

*Fun things to do with old pool noodles. Remember those?
*Are you going to the chicken pox party? Sh*t Crunchy Mamas Say video
*Sh*t Crunchy Dads Say -- even better than the mamas, in my opinon
*Three words: Justin Timberlake's Veganville


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