UCSD Baby Shower

Isaiah's coworkers hosted a baby shower for us at the end of November (just 10 days before Hunter surprised us with his early arrival). It was super sweet of them, and we are forever grateful for their generosity.

Playing Baby Shower Games

I received a couple of diaper cakes, but one diaper configuration blew me away. It was a diaper motorcycle with diapers stacked and rolled to make the wheels, a bottle for the headlamp, receiving blanket and socks for the fork and handlebars, a bib for the seat, and a monkey rider. (This Carter's monkey plays Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and it has been a lifesaver at times!)

I think diaper cakes are so cute!
Don't mind the cake on my lip...
Isaiah got to open the gifts...
He even got a special Daddy Emergency Kit!

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