My Maternity Wardrobe: The Second Trimester

My goal this trimester was to stretch my non-maternity wardrobe as far as possible. Once I hit around 14 weeks, non-maternity pants were just impossible, so I had to give in to a few purchases. Fortunately, right around that time, intense summer hit San Diego, so I was able to wear loose-fitting, non-maternity, summery dresses for a couple of months.

St. James Breton Top, Motherhood Maternity shorts, Palladium sandals

I delayed taking any belly photos until around 20 weeks because while my belly was indeed growing, so was my chest. Most of the time, in loose-fitting tops and dresses, you could not tell I was pregnant. As I have stated and friends have also commented, "It just looks like you ate a big burrito." (Um, I love how in San Diego the burrito is the go-to reference for why one might look a little rotund.) In fact, my belly didn't start sticking out further than my chest until 23 weeks!

Here are some of the outfits I wore during my second trimester:

clockwise from top left: Hand-me-down T-shirt, Isabel and Ingrid leggings, American Apparel sneakers; Hand-me-down dresses, barefoot and Reef flip flops!

Sample sale dress from over 10 years ago and Swedish Hasbeens clogs

Most of the clothing I wore this trimester were pieces I already owned, especially tops and a few dresses. Because she has an abundance of clothing, my sister lent me a handful of her summery dresses, which saved me a ton of money. I also inherited some Motherhood Maternity items from a girlfriend who wore them during her pregnancy last year: a pair of low-rise shorts (not my favorite -- but for free I should not complain -- next time I'd like to get some shorts with a belly panel), some chinos, and a flowy top. Finally, my sister bought me a pair of Motherhood Maternity cross hatch denim trousers from a resale shop for $8. They are perfect for substitute teaching jobs (one of my gigs these days).

Here are the only maternity purchases I did make this trimester because I thought they were absolutely essential:

*Ingrid and Isabel leggings (purchased for 1/2 price on ebay: $25 with free shipping)
*Ingrid and Isabel lounge pants (purchased pre-loved on ebay for $12 including shipping)
*2 Nursing Bras (A splurge: $107. Future post on bras, coming up...)

Total out of pocket cost for 2nd trimester: $144

My favorite non-maternity pick that pregnant ladies can buy now and still enjoy later: Yoga Pants from American Apparel. I already had a pair of these and I may buy another. So comfy!

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  1. You look *amazing*!
    One thing that caught me by surprise with my first pregnancy was the need for nursing tops. Actually I only realized I needed them after Martin was born. I was super self-conscious about nursing in public and the right tops definitely make it easier. This time around I have already stocked up on some winter nursing tops from

    1. Hi, Carla! Thanks! I am glad you brought up nursing tops because, I decided from now on I will not buy any maternity tops only nursing tops. I think moms who plan to nurse should just skip maternity tops altogether and buy nursing tops because many of the styles accommodate a growing belly. I checked out (US site) and all their nursing tops show models with baby bumps! This way you get more wear out of the clothes than just a few months ;)

  2. You look wonderful!
    One thing I had found was that even with maternity pants, the last trimester was difficult in them - so I ended up living in XL leggings - even though I used to wear size S pre pregnancy.

    1. Hello again, thanks! Haha. Just yesterday I gave in to buying maternity jeans and I keep thinking, how will I fit into these when I am 9 months pregnant? I think it will be leggings and tunics all the way! ;)

  3. You look fab Amanda! If you're having this much fun with maternity clothes, just wait for the baby clothes....Bliss!
    When is your due date? (sorry, can't do the math:( )

    1. thanks, Vicky! The baby is due Christmas Eve!! I'm already going gaga over baby clothes. At the resale shops, you can fine little onesies (bodies) for $1 each and they are so tiny and cute!

  4. Looking gorgeous, Amanda! And I'm so impressed with how thrifty you are with your maternity-ware. Tres inspiring ;)

    1. Thank you, Lar.

      Hmm, you may have to take that "thrifty" statement back once I reveal how much I've spend on clothes during the 3rd trimester! Yikes. I added to this post what I have spent so far on the pants and nursing bras. Honestly, I have some regrets. I could have bought leggings for much cheaper and searched online for nursing bras on sale. Not my thriftiest moments. But yay for hand-me-downs and wearing my normal non-maternity clothes, right??? ;)

  5. You look beautiful Amanda and pregnancy suits you well. Sending you both my regards.

    Take good care,


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