20 weeks!
Excuse the messy apartment, but my belly doesn't look like this because I just polished off a California burrito. It's actually happened! Forget Santa, this Christmas we're expecting a visit from the Stork! The diet, the acupuncture, the herbs... the prayers... it all worked!

Some thoughts:
  • I never forgot what you said, friend, when you wrote on my (in)fertility post, "just never stop trusting your body is capable of it."
  • As soon as I started peeing on the stick, a plus sign appeared, but because I was in disbelief, I set the stick down for 2 minutes, per the package's instructions. 2 minutes later, still a plus sign!
  • As soon as I found out (at around 6 weeks), I started pinning baby items. And I bought an outfit from Fournier. A little premature, I know.
  • The all-day sickness I experienced from week 6 to week 12? I've erased it from my mind otherwise I'd never want to become pregnant again.
  • Whoa, sense of smell! Walking through the food truck area of the local farmer's market made me dry-heave!
  • Funny how beef could look, smell, and sound like the most disgusting thing in the world for weeks and then suddenly a Double-Double from In N Out (that's a burger with double beef and double cheese, friends) totally hits the spot.
  • I can eat cheese again, people! CHEESE!
  • Having a cold while pregnant is miserable X 1,000.
  • I started feeling the "glow" around 14 weeks when my sister and I started exercising together every. single. day. (Swimming, cycling, hiking -- go us!)
  • We are waiting until the baby's birthday to find out the gender!
  • Everything happy or tender makes me cry. (What was my excuse before pregnancy?)
  • I started feeling flutters around 19 weeks. So precious! Baby moves the most when I am hungry or while listening to Snoop Dogg. Haha.
  • Oh, and just a heads up, Queso Suizo will probably be baby topic heavy from now on...


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Juanita! We're thrilled about our job well done ;)

  2. Hey Amanda!
    What a lovely bump! It's good to know that you are enjoying the ride :-)
    Isn't it amazing when you start feeling the baby?! I never get tired of it.
    It's funny how close we are! I am now 21 weeks. I wonder who will pop first :-) I think I'll spend either Christmas or New Year at the hospital hehe
    Oh, and I second the being pregnant and having a cold thing. But it could be harder: You could be pregnant, have a cold AND a toddler - that's me right now :-/
    Can't wait to read more baby related topics on the blog!



    PS: See? You really were capable of it ;-)

    1. Hi Carla! Thanks for the sweet message! You poor thing having a cold while pregnant AND chasing after Martin. The thought crossed my mind during those two weeks of illness, "How do moms do this????" Yes, we are VERY close! I am actually 21 weeks but the only photo I had was from 20 weeks, so that's what I posted. It will be so fun to see which one of us pops first!! ;)

  3. Hey Amanda!
    Brilliant news! I've been away, so only just saw the baby reference on your newest post and thought, WHAT??? Excellent, well done, knew it it would happen for you. And go for it with the posting baby things - enjoy!!

  4. Felicidades a los dos! soon to be family of three! So happy for you and that you can eat cheese again!

    1. Gracias, Elisa! Ay, como echaba de menos mi queso fresco ;) jaja

  5. Amanda, HUGE congrats to you and your hubs! I'm so thrilled that your diet (and prayers, herbs) worked! That is amazing and wonderful, and thanks for sharing bits of your journey with us!

    1. Hi Lar! What a journey it has been! But so worth it. Thanks for your support!

  6. i am so excited for your!!!! amazing!!!! can't wait to hear more :):):)

    1. aww! Thanks, Krystal! I'm looking forward to sharing more!


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