Buckwheat Groats -- Who's He?

Buckwheat Groats a.k.a. "Kasha"
In the months since I've started the we-want-a-baby-lifestyle-change, I've definitely had to think outside the box when it comes to meal planning. (The fact that I just typed "meal planning" is also pretty life changing. Yes, every week I make a table with detailed plans of what we will eat.)

Thinking outside the box has meant introducing new foods to our diet like kale, millet, blackstrap molasses, almond milk yogurt and buckwheat groats. (Isaiah affectionately calls them "Mr. Groats" and jokes about naming our first son Buckwheat Groats Freerksen.)

We now shop at Whole Foods for organic produce, to supplement the greens we get from Naturally to Your Door (a local organic produce delivery service), to prepare our meals. Did you know spinach is actually a large leafy green? (Too many years of eating packaged baby spinach would make you think otherwise.) We spend so much money on food now = no more shopping for me, though I truly believe it's all worth it.

I miss a lot of my favorite foods (i.e. cheese), but I feel really good about what I've been putting into my body. The big plus for Isaiah is that I cook for us every night (he assists), so he's fed a yummy hot meal each evening.

Flashback to one of our early dates: We were at the buffet at a local casino. My plate full of fried food. Isaiah's full of green, healthy things.

Me: What, you don't eat fried food?
Him: (Shrugging his shoulders) I just think this stuff tastes better.

Really? Yes, really. 

Meet Mr. Groats


  1. Ooo we haven't tried groats yet (haven't seen them in Edinburgh), but everything else sounds very familiar ;)

    Our fridge looks like a leafy green explosion when you open the door. We also just invested in a used Vitamix. Who thought at 28 I would be sooo excited about an outrageously priced blender?!

    Having done this diet for roughly 2-3 months now, I do find it challenging to want to keep cooking and chopping (always with the chopping!) constantly. Let me know how you stay inspired!


    1. Sorry my advice won't help much... my main motivation these days is baby-driven :) But I do get inspired by the idea of treating my body as a temple. Also, we get deliveries from a local produce service and sometimes they'll have a green thing I don't normally cook with so I'll google recipes to figure out what to do with it!

      As for the juicer... I'd love to get one but the price for a good one is just not realistic for us right now. Maybe in the near future!


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