Guide to Gifts with a Conscience


If you've still got a few names left to check off your holiday gift list, why not choose a gift that's good for your friend and good for the soul?

1. For Your Friend with the Green Thumb: Promote home herb-gardening with Garden Bon Bons, handmade in Seattle. $15
2. For the Sports Fan: This reclaimed gym floor photo frame is both handmade and earth-friendly. $48
3. For Your Favorite Fashion Blogger: Handmade madras scarf from the IOU Project. $39
4. For Your Friend on a Budget: What a waste to toss those beautiful greeting cards you got for your birthday -- why not reuse them? This handy organizer, made in the USA, is a great place to keep those cards until you're ready to "regreet." $20
5. For the Foodie: Handmade cheese slicer made with recycled steel. $30
6. For the Hostess with the Mostest: Buy a bottle of (Belvedere) RED and support the fight against HIV/AIDS.
7. For the Little Ones: This girly tool set is made in San Francisco from 100% recycled milk bottles. $28 (spotted for sale at Whole Foods, by the way)
8. For Your Zen Friend: Fair Trade herbal tea sampler from Zhena's Gyspy Tea. $9


  1. what a great gift guide--so thoughtful.
    i hope you had the happiest of holidays!

  2. This gift guide can be used all year long..birthdays, etc..

    Have a wonderful NEW YEAR! I think it's great that you paid off your debt, isn't a great feeling? Like a huge weight off your shoulders. I'm trying to help my parents to be more conscious of their spending because my Dad is the only provider and I worry about their future, but sometimes it's not easy to change if you aren't ready.


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