Fair Trade Spotlight: Cafe Virtuoso

The Coffee Bar
Serving up house-roasted, organic Fair Trade certified coffee is virtuoso indeed.

We stop by every two weeks to pick up our beans and get a free 12 oz. cup of whatever's brewing.

We sit around, munch on bagels and cream cheese, and chat with one of the proprietors, Laurie.

She gives us something new to try.

We take our beans home, grind 'em up, and put 'em in a stove top coffeemaker.

When we buy the Amaro Gayo kind (not Fair Trade but certified by Women's Alliance), our coffee smells and tastes like blueberries. 

We ought to try one of their teas next.

Roasting Machine
In Stock
Beans from All Over the World
Green Beans!

For Your Rolodex:

Cafe Virtuoso
1616 National Ave
San Diego, CA 
(619) 550-1830


  1. i can only daydream about how fantastic that place must smell!

  2. I was looking at one of the teas, Green gunpowder, sounds powerful!
    I love all the images Amanda, and coffee with the aroma of blueberries? yum!

  3. Krystal - I wonder if 50 years from now blogs will include scents!

    Elisa - Yeah, huh? And oh, to wake up to blueberry coffee is divine! (by the way, the beans naturally have that aroma; they're NOT infused with blueberry flavoring)


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