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Back in this post, I went into a lengthy explanation of the Fair Trade movement. Nonetheless, I decided to mention Fair Trade once again in honor of Earth Month because its sustainability practices are so loving toward your other mother that it's totally worth it to bike all over town to find Fair Trade certified products! (More on our favorite local coffee roaster in a future post -- they offer an excellent selection of Fair Trade certified coffee.)

I was quite pleased to discover the other day that Whole Foods carries Fair Trade certified bananas -- yay! If you are a lover of coffee, tea, or chocolate (and now bananas!) the easiest way to support Fair Trade is to swap out your regular supermarket brands for those that are Fair Trade certified. Happy shopping!

Organic and Fair Trade Certified Bananas from Whole Foods

Although I have yet to see Fair Trade cotton products in my current neighborhood, I could easily find Fair Trade cotton socks and undies at the supermarkets in Switzerland. C'mon, San Diego, let's get with the program!

Fair Trade Cotton Bag (purchased at Thalia Books, Switzerland)

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  1. What a lovely idea. You've just given me a brilliant idea what to do with all my kids books that they have grown out of.
    Love your blog. Greetings from sunny Lugano.


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