A New-to-Me 80s Dress

My party dress for tonight!

Dress -- Reworked Vintage from Hunt and Gather, San Diego.
Belt -- Thrifted Nordstrom Italian Leather
Tights -- Wolford
Kitten Heels -- Barneys NY Co-op from "A Unique Boutique" Consignment shop in La Mesa, CA

I know I called them tights when I listed them in the details, but they're really more like what Americans call "pantyhose." This pair features a sexy back seam. When done right, and made well, I think black pantyhose look great! On the other hand, nude pantyhose? I think I'll pass!


  1. Know why this works on you? Because you don't look old enough to have worn it the first tie around...hahahaha...you look great!

  2. I agree, no to nude pantyhose! I saw some girl wearing them with shorts the other day and it looked a little awkward. maybe it was just her entire outfit? idk.

  3. Ashleigh - Thanks, chica!

    Krystal - Hold up. I've come to expect some, um, interesting outfits from the girls in Switzerland, but what I can't get over is shorts in Switzerland in the winter???


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