Fashion Collaboration: A.P.C. and Carhartt

Jean Touitou
Collaboration update:  
*April 2011 A.P.C. and Vans

I had never heard of the French fashion label A.P.C. until a blogger I just started following mentioned it in a recent post

I'm in love with this label's style. I guess it's a good thing I've temporarily restricted myself from purchasing new clothing, otherwise I'd have to get a second job to pay for my addiction to this label. However, I've been thinking that once I'm done with my resale/consignment shop commitment, I should aim to pay more for classic, well-made clothes that I will keep and treasure for many years than buy cheap clothes I'll probably just donate to goodwill after a year or so. Of course, that means I'd buy less clothes, maybe 4-5 garments per year, but that's all right with me. You know -- less is more.

Anyway, back to the whole point of this post: I am digging the collaboration between All-American workwear label Carhartt and A.P.C. It's not that I'm particularly impressed by the garments, but I appreciate two things: the workwear aesthetic and workwear durability. Just as Isaiah has a strong opinion about what I put on my back, I too pay close attention to my husband's style. Lately he's been into work jackets. Workwear as casual wear has an irresistibly masculine look that's completely functional. (As in jackets made with quality materials that actually keep you warm!) Companies like Carhartt have been around for over a hundred years because its people are dedicated to quality workmanship, so it brings me great joy to support them and other American apparel makers.

Another reason I'm totally into A.P.C.? I just noticed on the label's blog that A.P.C. stores now carry Filson bags. Filson is another high-quality, American label. They claim to be "a leading outfitter for outdoor enthusiasts."

Photo via A.P.C. website


  1. sooo will be checking this store out!

  2. In Paris? Luuucky! Though it looks like a store in Zürich carries the label, which isn't too far from you, right? The closest one to me is in West Hollywood, which isn't so bad...


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