Around Zürich, Au, and Lindau

Mom and Jim at the Lindenhof
Mom and Jim left us the morning after our ride on the Bernina Express to go explore Luzern and Zürich on their own. I met up with them a few days later with the intent of doing the same "tour of Zürich" I gave Lauren when she was here last November. We hit most of the spots that I had hoped to, but let's just say that things don't always work out as planned. (Cloudy weather meant that climbing the tower at Grossmünster would have been pretty pointless, no one wanted to eat sausages for lunch, and I was the only one in the mood for hot chocolate...)

Still, I never miss an opportunity to walk around the city and window-shop. Boy, did we window-shop. That afternoon, we got home just in time for Isaiah to make us a Rösti dinner from scratch. YUM!

We spent the next day leisurely exploring our area. Mom really wanted to check out our local Salvation Army (as a teenager she used to work at one in downtown San Diego), at which she found some unique trinkets to take back home. Next, we drove through the hills of the Rhine Valley where we chanced upon a small Weinbau company I had never seen before. There's always something new to discover around here. Around lunchtime, we drove to Lindau, Germany, for a waterfront meal along Lake Constance.

St. Peter's church
Walking down from the Lindenhof
Small Weinbau company in Rheintal
Lindau, Germany
Port of Lindau
Rathaus Lindau


  1. One of my big dreams to go live in Europe for a year to see and experience the continent without any rush.

    It is lovely!

  2. Hi HT - It was always one of my dreams too! With a little effort, you can make it happen. While I'm glad we experienced this just the two of us, I would do it all over again with kids -- for sure!


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