Spring Was Here: Snowboarding at Pizol and Cable Car to Säntis

Oh, my. This post is long overdue, as Isaiah's sister, Spring, was here for a visit well over a month ago. I had some work to do that Saturday, so brother and sister went off without me for a full day of snowboarding at a ski resort called Pizol, near Bad Ragaz.

In Isaiah's words:
"There are two sides to the mountain, both with off-piste opportunities. One side (the side closer to Bad Ragaz) is the most popular with lots of fun terrain. I haven't been to the other side, so I can't tell you much about it. That day we had some new powder with beautiful blue skies. You could see giant blue-colored icicle structures on the cliffs. For lunch, we stopped at one of the mountain restaurants for hot dogs and french fries."

Baby sister, Spring Belle -- We love you!

The next day, the three of us took advantage of another day of blue skies to visit Mt. Säntis. Isaiah and I have both been there separately, but we've never actually gone on a clear day. Well, what a treat. This particular day, we could see all the way to Lake Constance (Bodensee)! Beautiful day, beautiful views, all shared with my beautiful family! Dinner that night? Raclette, of course. (It was Spring's first raclette experience.)

Brother and sister!

Looking east toward the Bodensee

Looking west

One final note: We paid for these two activities using REKA cheques, which got us discounts of 20%, and we didn't even need to use a special voucher. If you don't know about REKA cheques, check out Chantal's post on the topic.

By the way, we saved even more at Säntis because we also used my half-fare card and two Migros vouchers. Regular price for one adult round-trip cable car ride: 41 CHF (times 3 = a heafty 123 CHF to ride a cable car!!!)
50% off my ticket with the half-fare card and 12 CHF off each regular ticket = 44.50 CHF in savings!!!


  1. Wow, the second set of photos with you in the pic Amanda reminds of our trip to Pikes Peak in Colorado. Beautiful views. I checked out the info about REKa and it sounds like a good program, especially that it sponsor low-income families to go on vacation.

  2. Hi Elisa - glad you brought that up. When we were in Montana last year, it reminded me so much of Switzerland. The US has some beautiful landscapes too!!

    oh, and the Swiss never cease to amaze me with how well they take care of their citizens. All basic needs are taken care of, so the only local charity work left to do is send low-income families on vacation! Super-high quality of life here.


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