Gratis: Hot Springs of Saturnia, Italy

Day 3: On the road and a pit stop in Saturnia

OK, so the benefits of bathing in the thermal waters of a spa or resort abound: you get the luxury of changing your clothes in a heated locker room, access to saunas, and the option to partake in spa treatments. If you're like us, though, and you like it when stuff is free, as in doesn't cost a thing, you pass on the niceties of a resort and go straight to the source.

Isaiah discovered, through a bit of Internet research, that you can access the hot springs of Saturnia without having to pay a pretty penny for entrance to the Terme di Saturnia resort. Hoping to stop by the hot springs on our way from Florence to Rome, we entered some coordinates into our navigation system.

After lunch in the village of Saturnia, we parked our car on a side road near the most popular spot for enjoying the hot springs: the Cascate del Mulino. After a quick towel change, we nervously made our way to the water, unsure if we were even in the right place (a common theme of our trip). Except for one couple leaving shortly after we arrived and another couple arriving just as we were packing up to leave, we enjoyed the thermal waterfalls in peaceful solitude.

With cooler outside temperatures nipping at our toes, we slipped easily into the warm, sulphurous waters, though they didn't feel as warm as we had hoped they would. Also, the small rock pools that formed from the constantly flowing waters were quite shallow, making it difficult to sit comfortably. We suspected that the waters were much warmer and the pools more welcoming at the resort, but then again you get what you pay for, or don't pay for. All in all, it was great to have our own little private baths and fun to experience nature in this way!


  1. Holy Hot Springs, Batman...that looks totally awesome! And I bet your skin was so soft after sitting in the many minerals...

  2. Hi Ashleigh! Hmm... Was it relaxing? A bit. Did I stink like rotten eggs afterward? YUP. Avon-Skin-So-Soft? Not so much. But the minerals were good for my achy ankle that I injured 6 months ago :)

  3. Great work on figuring out how to get to the spring without going to the resort. I like your moxie!


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