Isaiah and I discovered this irresistible treat earlier this year one lazy Sunday during a visit to the local bakery (one of Nellie Rolle's chain of cafes and bakeries in the Rheintal).

Since Nellie rarely labels her goodies, Isaiah and I just ended up pointing and smiling at what we called, just between the two of us, little donut balls.

Now, don't mistake them for donut holes, as they differ in size and texture. Plus, they're so much more delicious.

The key to their deliciousness? Quark -- a type of fresh cheese with yogurt-like creaminess. (Hence the name Quarkini, or Quarkbällchen in Germany.) Quark makes the doughy insides of these donut balls ever so moist and tasty.

Sadly, the next time we returned to the bakery, they were gone! I did hear from some reliable sources, though, that Quarkini tend to appear in bakeries during the Fasnacht season beginning in November, so we made sure to get some for one of our breakfast feasts when Sister was in town. Natürlich. I'm just glad I saw them pop up in Migros last month so I could examine the label. Now I can properly ask for them by name.


  1. Quarkini are SO good! Like a deep fried, sugar-covered, sour cream coffee cake. Yummm... I want one!

  2. Well done. But a donut ball, is a donut ball, isn't it :D

  3. Romy - Actually, I am glad they're not available year round or I'd have a serious problem... :)

    Juanita - oh no, not this donut ball. It was only a donut ball when I didn't know its proper name. Now it's so much more ;)


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