Tourists in Town: Love for St. Gallen

We've lived in Switzerland for over a year now -- that much is true. We are bona fide residents, at least as far as the IRS is concerned. Despite our residence permits and resident status, if we were to live here another year or ten, I doubt I'd ever stop feeling like a tourist.

It's not uncommon to hear of a friend back in the States who enjoys doing touristy things in her hometown. Heck, Isaiah and I used to do touristy things in San Diego all the time. We may have been the only residents among a sea of tourists, but I never felt like a tourist. Most of my life I didn't even live in San Diego proper but in the suburbs. Still, San Diego was always my city, my hometown.

No matter how many times we visit our closest "big" city, St. Gallen, we still walk around like tourists. I take pictures of something new almost every time we go. Oddly enough, for being an outsider (what with living 20 minutes away from here out in the boondocks), I feel proud of "my" St. Gallen.

You know that famous Bratwurst you get in Zürich, the OLMA ones? They come from here! And they're 50 rappen cheaper here. And the Bürli are not so rock-hard. (Steinbrötli, stone-bread, as Isaiah likes to call them.)

We've also got an UNESCO World Heritage Site. We're close to Säntis and the Bodensee. (I know, I know, what's with the "we"?) There's a contemporary art museum, which I have yet to visit. Want yummy Flammkuchen? Try Restaurant Marktplatz -- it's their specialty. Globus? Check. We're even hosting our first ever Latin Film festival this month! (Two of the films have subtitles in English -- anyone want to join me?) Yeah, I like it here. St. Gallen, you're all right with me.

Walking around the city double-fisting it: sausage in one hand, roll in the other.

Frescoed facade

Intricate wooden oriel (bay window, right)


  1. Steinbrötli! I love it! I'm always looking around for a hammer to crack the ones here open. St. Gallen is on our list of must-sees. Can you recommend a top 3 for a day trip?

  2. Anonymous - no, thank you! It's my pleasure!

    Hi Kathy - First, I think the one thing you don't want miss is the old library "Stiftsbibliothek," so plan your trip after 29. Nov when it reopens! As for the old town in St. Gallen, it is pretty small, so you can wander around for half a day and see it all. You should definitely tour the whole UNESCO site (abbey of St. Gall) inside and around the cathedral, which includes the old library.


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