In a lovely house in Southern California, my family will be celebrating Thanksgiving Day without me, yet again. Lauren and I won't be there to tell our ridiculous arm stories -- oh, how we will be missed. Instead, we'll be frolicking in Interlaken, and then digging into a Thanksgiving-style dinner on Friday.

This time last year, I wasn't as "into" my blog as I am now, so I was hardly writing any posts or sharing any autumn reflections. Today, as sunshine fills my bedroom, I feel compelled to share the many things for which I am thankful this year.

1. We'll spend a long Thanksgiving weekend with my sister! (Isaiah's taking Thursday and Friday off.) Although we had a great sort-of Thanksgiving last year, I am thrilled to have family in town this year.
2. We've had a really mild autumn. That's why I am posting these pictures of a hike we took last month (Rappenlochschlucht, a gorge in Dornbirn, Austria). I want to savor the beauty of fall before winter hits. Last year I complained a lot about winter lasting 6 months, starting in October, but I can't really say that this year. Yay!
3. Hercules, my bike. Although she's offered me some major bruises, and she's a bit too big for me, she gets me to where I need to go!
4. Isaiah's month-long winter break. Looking forward to lots of R&R (in Sicily).
5. People who read my blog. You make me so happy. Thank you so much!
6. Time. I have time to do stuff I never had the chance to do when I was working full-time as a teacher.
7. My bible study ladies: Dee, Jodi, Cindy, Berty, Jenny, and Cornelia. You challenge me and bless me.
8. My Migros Monday morning breakfast club: Sigrid, Cindy, Dee, Ursula, Katie, and Trudy. Because of you, I look forward to Mondays.
9. Skype. I love to chat with my family and friends for free or for cheap -- forever grateful for this service!
10. My husband. Isaiah, I am in awe of the countless ways you support me. You are a loving provider and so much more. Full of wisdom and passion, you inspire me. I love watching our relationship grow everyday, and I am so thankful to share this crazy Swiss experience with you.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Hi Amanda,
    Lovely photos and what a good idea to stop and reflect on the things that we have to be thankful for. Very uplifting. Enjoy your weekend with your sister + co.

  2. I find this such a beautiful holiday! Too bad we Brazilians don't celebrate it... And what a great list you've made! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Hi Vicky - Thanks so much!

    Carla - It really is my favorite holiday! Thanks for the Happy Thanksgiving wish, which reminds me I should add it to my post...

  4. Aw, so sweet.
    Am month-long winter escape in Sicily! Ohmyword... Sorry, I just ran away with my thoughts about Sicily. LOVE that place.

    Migros Monday Breakfast club?! Now why didn't I put myself in one of those things?!?

  5. What a lovely post. It's so inspiring to count our blessings. I must say, a trip to Siciliy and a Monday breakfast club sound like things I'd love to be thankful for!

  6. Juanita - #4 may have been a bit misleading. Isaiah gets 4 weeks in Dec./Jan. off, but we'll take three weeks of that to take a road-trip through Italy. Sicily is the one destination we're REALLY, REALLY looking forward to. Besides the weather, Isaiah has a great grandfather buried there.

    Fly Girl - Thanks! I really do feel blessed, and I've got to share it with the world to remind myself not to take all these things for granted...

  7. awwwww! happy thanksgiving!!

  8. ps. so happy to be back in touch!!


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