Fun with Art in Bag Ragaz

Several weeks ago, after driving back from an Alpabfahrt in Graubünden, we stopped in a spa town called Bad Ragaz. Only about a thirty minute drive from our house, I couldn't believe that we hadn't yet come for a visit. It's quite a small village that caters to wealthier tourists, so everything is pretty and picturesque.

As the town name has the word Bad in it, German for "bath," one of their famous attractions is the natural thermal bath "Tamina Therme." Although we didn't have the opportunity to check out the baths (I hope to go back one of these days), we spent our time wandering around for a bit over an hour looking at all the sculptures on display all over the park, in the small squares, and along the streets.

The exhibition was called Bad RagARTz and mostly featured works by Swiss artists but also presented works by sculptors from fourteen other nations including Liechtenstein, Germany, and Italy (as well as one scupture by Colombian Fernando Botero). The festival of sculpture lasted almost six months and only happens every three years, so it was a real treat to participate in this exhibition since it won't be back until May 2012. On a much smaller scale, the town of Vaduz also displayed sculptures as part of the festival.

I wonder if this resort town will be as exciting the next time around, now that all the sculptures have moved on...


  1. Ooh! The tug-of-war one is pretty cool. :)

  2. Oh, yes, definitely pestered Isaiah into posing with that one!

  3. Love Bad Ragaz. Spent a weekend there for my b-day. I think the spa was just renovated there.

  4. Isn't that area SO pretty? My husband's family is originally from Graubünden, so we went there a lot. I love it there! (though I probably woulnd't LIVE there, but I woulnd't mind a holiday house somewhere in Arosa or something ;-))

  5. Chantal - yes, way back in January I was thinking about stopping by the spa, but the website said it was undergoing renovations and wouldn't open until April. Well, April has come and gone and I still haven't been to this spa! I did catch a glimpse of it from the road and it looks so glamorous!

    Elisa - oh girl, last time we were in Arosa my husband and I were devising get-rich-quick schemes so we could buy a holiday house there. It is so beautiful!


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