Queso Suizo Project: Alp Vals (Seewis)

If you caught my post on Monday, then you know we recently had the pleasure of participating in an Alpkäsedegustation, or Alpine cheese tasting, which involved voting for our top three choices. It was a "blind" competition, that is we had no idea what each cheese was called or from whence it came, so we voted using a number that was assigned to each cheese. Sixteen different alpine cheeses competed for the coveted "Expertenpreis" as well as a "Publikumpreis," which was essentially a people's choice award.

Although none of my top three made it in the expert category, my second choice (#5: Alp Vals from Seewis, host village of the Alp Spektakel) made it in the top three of the people's choice category. In fact, #5 appeared on Isaiah's top three list as well as our two friends' lists. Since this cheese was the only one Isaiah and I both agreed was top-three-worthy, that's the one we chose to take home with us.

Alp Vals cheese is creamy and buttery with a little kick to it. Although a bit funky-smelling, the odor isn't too strong and actually enhances the cheese's rich, distinguished flavor.

Bottomline: Scrumptious enough to please the both of us and make it on the people's choice list -- that's quite an accomplished cheese!


  1. Interesting that the experts and the people would have such different opinions on what makes a good cheese!

  2. I love your blog and am now following it for all things Queso! Thanks!

  3. This looks great...and interesting how different people's opinions were.....

  4. Chantal - you'd think the consumers' opinions would matter the most, but I imagine cheese manufacturers assume that Swiss consumers would rather go for a cheese lauded by the experts before anything else...

    Mandy - Thanks! I enjoy your blog as well and look forward to reading about your travels!

    JennyMac - It really was a great event, and I hope to find more like it while we are living here. As for the cheese, I never knew how much cheese could vary in its flavor, texture, and stench until I moved here. With that variety comes equally as many opinions. Some of the cheeses I tried and thought were amazing were ones that repulsed my husband...


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