New-to-us Davos Sleds

To add to our collection of his and hers Swiss stuff (pocketknives and SIGG water bottles), we've acquired new-to-us Davos sleds. After all, sledding (or sledging in non-American English) is one of our all-time favorite winter pastimes, so apparently we had to buy the ultimate sled.

Isaiah has had his eye on these types of sleds since last winter. I, on the other hand, had tried to change the subject whenever he would bring it up. First, there was no way we could afford to buy one new at retail price. Plus, they look kind of scary... and fast. (Something about "steering" with my feet does not sit well with me. You'd better believe I'll be wearing a helmet and goggles!) I was perfectly happy with our plastic sleds from last year -- why on earth would we need new ones?

Well, if you've been to a Salvation Army (Heilsarmee) thrift shop or other Brocki lately, you may have noticed that they've brought out the fondue pots, ski gear, and Davos sleds. Now we can afford to buy not just one sled but two!

Instead of paying hundreds, we paid CHF 15 for my sled and CHF 20 for Isaiah's! What a Schnäppchen! (That's my new favorite word in German -- it means "bargain.") Although they look pretty beat-up and probably warrant the label "vintage," Isaiah assures me that they still have lots of wear left in them.

If you're not ready to invest in brand-new gear in order to participate in all the different winter recreation activities here in Switzerland, be sure to check out your nearest Brocki to see what they have in stock! See you on the sled runs!


  1. Ha! They look huge in the picture! I had no idea how big these things were! Congratulations on the bargain ;-)

  2. You know, I've actually seen these sleds here in Chicago. They look a little too fast to me as well. I love sledding too (on sturdy plastic sleds!) although ice skating is probably my all time fave winter sport.

  3. Carla - the smaller one measures around 80 cm, so they are not so huge. The photo is deceiving!

    Fly Girl - we don't sled much in San Diego, so I had never seen one of these before moving here, but I imagine they are very popular outside of Europe. Of course, the highest quality Davos sleds are those actually manufactured in Switzerland :)

  4. As long as the metal thingies (I'm lacking sledge related vocabulary) are not too rusty, you're fine. I know it's not really your side of the mountains, but les Diablerets offers nice night-time sledging, not too steep, just perfect IMO... Actually plain magical when the moon's full! And if you're looking for breaking a bone, go to La Tzoumaz, near Verbier.

  5. Thanks for the suggestions, M'dame Jo. We've been meaning to see your side of the mountains, and I think a sled ride is a perfect excuse to plan a visit!

  6. Sledging this past year, in the dark night, scared the holy crap out of bunch of us, kids and adults. Except my 13 year old son who I could hear all the way down the hill bellowing "whoooooooo hoooooooo!" He was the first one down, ready to go again!!
    Those sleds are awesome, and freakin' FAST! My husband inched his way down by digging his heels in the snow on the way down. Thank God there were big bubbling pots of fondue waiting for us at the bottom. It made it all worth it.
    Can't wait for next year!


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