I Want My Goody

If there's one thing that puts me in a bad mood, it is overpaying when I know I can get the goods at a better price elsewhere.

Take hair accessories, for example. I really wish I had stocked up on Goody Ouchless elastics and bobby pins while I was in the States last month. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that bobby pins were CHF 3.90 at Coop. I am not talking about a pack of 100 either, we're talking about 10 bobby pins -- BOBBY PINS people! Don't get me started on how much it costs for five elastics. I will just refrain from tying my hair back. I have grown accustomed to the higher prices of a variety of items I buy here in Switzerland, but when it comes to hair accessories, I refuse to pay that much.

However, I am learning that there are ways around the hair accessory dilemma and others like it. In my region (Rheintal) we have a liquidation store called "Radikal." I find this shop useful for buying things like toothpaste and creme body wash (all are usually half the price you'd pay for the same items at Migros or Coop). Since their merchandise is constantly changing, I like to stroll down each aisle to see what's new. Imagine my joy to find hair accessories for just ONE franc per package! That's cheaper than most Goody products -- now that's what I call a deal!

If there is something you feel frugal about, stand your ground, and don't give in until you find it at your nearest liquidation shop.

Although few "Radikal" shops exist in Switzerland, its parent store "Otto's" is more common and is an equally great place to save money. I would suggest that you stock up on toiletries from these kinds of shops that way you never find yourself in desperate need of deodorant and paying crazy Coop prices.

It's true that shopping economically in Switzerland (and anywhere for that matter) takes some patience, hunting, stocking up, and planning ahead, but those few francs you save easily add up...


  1. If you want cheap(er) hair accessories, go to h&m, don't by Trisa "of Switzerland" ;-)

  2. Good point M'dame Jo, but one franc at "Radikal" is much less expensive than some of the hair items at H&M...

  3. I also find that Denner has much cheaper things when it comes to toiletries like Qtips, TP, and soap.

  4. Yes! Chantal, we get our wines and TP from Denner, especially since it's the only market in our town! (not that the next town is terribly far away...)

  5. Good for you for not falling for the ridiculous mark ups. I'm a hair accessory fiend but I refuse to pay the frou frou prices for cute headbands and elastics. I get them at Claires, TJ Max or I go online, which is another option for you.

  6. Fly Girl - I was at a nearby shopping center and I realized I had forgotten that we have a Claire's here! Though, I do miss TJ Max and Ross and Marshall's...


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