Brotmesser is German for Bread Knife

If you spend any time in the kitchen, you know how important it is to have good knives. Since an entire set of good knives would cost us a small fortune, we are growing our collection one knife at a time. As I mentioned in a previous post, with as much bread as we eat, we decided to invest in a nice bread knife. Luckily, Migros sells a Victorinox bread knife at a slightly lower cost than if we were to buy directly from a Victorinox retailer, so we get the same high quality for a bit less.

Since our bread knife is the best one we've got (the sharpest and with a serrated blade), we often end up using it for more than just bread, such as tomatoes - anything that needs a nice clean slice, but nothing that requires too much precision as it is quite a long blade at 21 cm.

Because this post came about because of a request for more information about this fabulous knife, which we recently bought four of to give as gifts for our family, I've added a photo of it in its Migros packaging just in case you're in the market for one.

I find it very amusing that this very Swiss knife is "cutting" a very un-Swiss bagel.


  1. Hey there! Just mentioned on your previous post about coming back to Zurich with 2 full suitcases of stuff from NY - including... bagels !! But of course! What's up with that - the Victorinox knife cutting through... a bagel ?! Shouldn't there be a cow or something on the package instead? And the knife cutting through a Brezel or some dark grainy Brot ? ;)

    Ok, I'll be heading to Migros on Monday, thanks for the info !

  2. I completely agree. A good knife...okay, a set of them, is essential. Otherwise your food looks as though an animal prepared it. I adore cooking and cannot wait to completely rebuild my current collection of blades.


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