The Sights of Stasbourg, France

I've never found myself walking around a city with a permanent goofy grin on my face repeating the phrase "I like it here" the way I did this past weekend in Strasbourg. I find that this city has the cosmopolitan charm of Paris without being overwhelming and fussy. The shop, hotel, and wait staff were all so kind and friendly -- even after we butchered their language.

The city shares a lot of what makes metropolitan cities like Paris pulse, but on a smaller more accessible scale. Designer boutiques like Hermès abound, but mixed in with discount retailers, so it feels less pretentious. Jazz shows, river boat bars, and parks lead the nightlife scene. Young people partying along the river bank mooned us on the boat tour and surprisingly everyone just cheered and laughed.

I don't mean to keep comparing Strasbourg to Paris, but I've been wanting to make a trip back to the City of Light ever since we moved to Switzerland. I'm glad, though, that it hasn't worked out, otherwise I would never have discovered this little gem: Strasbourg.

Chocolate Easter eggs too beautiful to eat!
Christian Chocolatier

Antiques Flea Market on Saturday (Rue du Vieux-marché-aux-poissons)

Magnolia Trees in Place de la République

View of Restaurant "Au Pont Saint Martin" from boat tour on the Ill

Quai des Pecheurs

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  1. J'adore Strasbourg !! And guess what - Olivier and I were just there less than a month ago - and also saw the gorgeous windows of chocolatier Christian - he's one of the very best. AND we had dinner one night at Au Pont Saint Martin too!

    If you had a permanent grin walking around Strasbourg, just wait until you get to Colmar or the smaller even more charming villages in Alsace !! I LOVE!

    here's a preview:

    PS - happy belated birthday ! :)


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