Die Bombe! Swiss Party Staple

One of my fondest childhood memories is getting to beat a piñata to oblivion on my birthday. Our papier-mâché creatures were always stuffed with spicy Mexican candy, American candy, and small toys. The goal, of course, was to release the treasure and scramble to gather as much of the goodies as our pockets could hold.

Far way in the land of Heidi, Swiss children have a similar birthday tradition, sort of. Instead of exploding a piñata with sheer human force, Swiss kids get to light an indoor explosive just powerful enough to pop the lid off of a cardboard cylinder that spews party favors like balloons, hats, and mini games. (Sadly, no candy.)

This genius of a party novelty is known as the Tischbombe. That's right, it's a table bomb, specifically designed for indoor use. No need for the complications involved with piñata use: a blindfold, a baseball bat, and a nearby tree. Simply place the Bombe on a non-flammable surface, hand your kid a match, and light 'er up! (We found these at Migros.)

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