Cube: Museum Grub in Stuttgart

Even if fine art, especially modern and contemporary, isn't your thing, you shouldn't altogether skip the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart. First, the building itself, a giant glass cube, is worth admiring. There's no need to enter the galleries -- just take the stairs and walk the corridors that wrap around half of the building's perimeter. Another attractive feature is Cube Restaurant, which you can freely visit by taking the elevator to the top floor. Here you can escape the afternoon rain, sip fancy chocolate milk (served on a silver tray with drinking water and a sweet), and take in a view of Das Neues Schloss -- the castle and surrounding square. If you are interested in the art, the current special exhibition runs through mid June and examines "The Triptych in Modern Art."

Check back soon for more on our weekend trip to visit our dear friend FH, who lives and works in Stuttgart, Germany. I must admit -- I loved not having to consult a map and just follow while someone else lead us around town. Brilliant!


  1. Stuttgart is great at Christmas time too during the markets. My giant mug collection certainly has Stuttgart to thank!

  2. It seems that I have recently visited two cities that are supposed to be great around Christmastime! I guess I'll just have to go back!


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