Next Year, Maybe

Last Saturday, coming home from our brush with danger, this monstrosity, in an open field a block away from our home, caught my eye. There stood this pyramid, technically a cone, of old Christmas tree branches topped by a snowman. I figured it had something to do with the Fasnacht season, but it's not like I could ask my German speaking neighbors to enlighten me. My best guess, after some internet research, is that this is our town's humble version of Zürich's burning of the Böögg.

The festivities took place the next evening, kicked off by a Guggenmusik band playing "Barbara Ann" (made famous by the Beach Boys) in a meager parade down our street. Isaiah and I took a walk to check out the scene and found Au's inhabitants out and about enjoying bratwürste, brötli, and beer. We, like several others, stood close to the fire to warm our hands only to find pine needles raining down on us. Unfortunately, we didn't really find ourselves getting caught up in the Fasnacht spirit this time around, but maybe next year.

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