Just in Case: Sonnenbräu Beer Brewed in Rebstein, Switzerland

Unlike my pal Mrs. Tina, I am not really a beer drinker. Back in San Diego when we'd go to this pub called Triple Crown, I'd get a pear cider. (And would tell Isaiah when he brought me my drink, "Um, I didn't ask for a water." Every time! Yeah, it's that translucent.)

Here, we haven't really gone to any pubs together. We drink wine with dinner. I was, however, feeling a little frisky the other day and surprised mein Mann with this suggestion, "Why don't we stop by Coop and buy a couple of those beers you like?"

I had to clarify that I meant one for me and one for him, not two for him.

What resulted was a purchase of not two, but twenty bottles of beer. I don't mind, really. It's nice to have a case, or a large crate, of beer on hand, you know -- just in case friends stop by for a spontaneous visit or whatever. Also, I feel like I'm contributing to the local economy, as this beer is brewed in Rebstein, just a couple of towns away from Au.

Oh, yeah, and it's very tasty. And we have to return the crate and all twenty bottles if we want our CHF 15 deposit back (5 for the crate and .50 per bottle).


  1. You don't drink beer? WHAT!!!!!! Aaaawwwwh ~ my heart just sank a little. Hehehe j/k. I have lots of friends who don't. I actually learned to love it 5 years ago studying abroad in England.

    Beer here is so much cheaper then in then in the US. I love it. That crate looks fantastic! I have yet to find a decent beer store in Switerland. Just resort to the CoOp's, ELECREC and such.

  2. I guess where you study abroad influences your drinking habits. I studied in Florence = I LOVE red wine!

    You should be proud though. I drank the Sonnenbräu and liked it!


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