Graffiti art is welcome at Zürich's Rote Fabrik (or "Red Factory"). Well, at least that's the impression I got when we stopped by for a Velo-Teile-Flohmarkt on Sunday. Ads referred to the event as a "Teilchenbeschleuniger" - say that 5 times fast - the ultimate Bike Parts Flea Market.

The Rote Fabrik is a cultural center housed in, you guessed it, an old red factory. Wandering around the grounds before the 10 a.m. event, I noticed a restaurant, a theater, and a sailing school.

For those of you interested in the flea market, the vendor who sold Isaiah a crank set told me that the event happens once a year, usually around the same time every year. If you want to check it out for yourself next year, pay a visit to the Velozüri website.

As you can see from the photo (left), I was unable to document the event with my camera, but just imagine tables and tables of parts for mountain, racing, and road bikes as well as whole bikes and cycling gear - all in a hall that also hosts late-night concerts and parties.

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