Come to momma. These little guys are the roll version of soft pretzels, minus the salt crystals. They are dipped in lye, like pretzels and bagels, to get that dark, shiny crust. The name Silser, I believe, means these rolls are native to Sils in southeastern Switzerland (Engadin). Also, they come attached to one another in a "wreath" shape, hence the name Kranz. Silserkranz bread is especially handy on road trips because there's no cutting into a loaf = less mess and fuss. I just tear off a piece and devour it. When I am not on the road, I like to slice the roll in half and make a mini-sandwich. Anything from Nutella to ham and "La vache qui rit" cheese make yummy fillers and compliment the rolls quite nicely. I picked up these babies at Migros supermarket.


  1. Yum... this is a great idea. I will have to look for these~!!

  2. hmmmm: excellent bread. just LOVE it.


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