The town of St. Margrethen is abuzz, now that Rheinpark Einkaufszentrum has had its grand re-opening after some extensive remodeling. I don't know about anyone else, but the thing I am thrilled about is that an H&M will be opening up here in mid-March.

I know its no Mall of America, but it is the closest "real" shopping center we've got around these parts. Before, we had to drive into St. Gallen City or the IKEA shopping center thirty minutes away if we wanted to see something other than Coop, Migros, or their affiliates. Now, I can just hop on a bus and in five minutes I'm at Rheinpark. Although Isaiah's remark, "Wow, it didn't take long for us to run out of things to do," shows how weak Rheinpark is in comparison to American malls, it is nice to know that we can come here for a little (window) shopping therapy, especially on Friday nights when the center stays open until 9 PM!

Just a thought: I've noticed that, like American shopping malls with the Gap/Express/Victoria's Secret, Swiss malls also have their staples. Everywhere I go I see Mode Weber, for high-end fashion; Charles Vögele or Esprit (or both), for mid-priced fashions; Tom Tailor, for Gap/American Eagle-style fashions; and Chicorée or Tally Weijl, for trendier fashions. Rheinpark even has Claire's!


  1. Nice blog. Just stopped by to have a look. Good luck on the shopping mall thing. I went to Sihl City and was very disappointed and I havent even seen a REAL American shopping Mall:::)

  2. Thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed checking out the photos on your blog. If you're interested, another blogger, Jessica of Swisstory, and I are organizing a blogger meet-up in Zürich scheduled for April 26. Stay tuned for more details. Spouses/family/friends are welcome...

  3. Thank you and its a pleasure. I am just finding my feet but I really enjoyed reading both yours and Jessicas blog. It is going to take me a while to get through but its a journey right. Will keep reading!


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