Is it just me, or is there something missing in this picture? I mean, maybe I have just been spoiled by supermarkets in California, and this is normal. Do you see what I see? Yes, that's right, I see a big EMPTY space above the aisle where a helpful hanging sign should be.

After my first visit to a Migros supermarket, I thought, Maybe this particular Migros doesn't believe in aisle guides. Then I went to another Migros, and Coop, and Aldi, and Denner, all in the Rheintal Region. Adding to my chagrin, I learned that none of these shops were willing to guide me through each aisle. On the one hand, many of these grocery stores are small, so it doesn't take you long to find what you need anyway. In fact, when we have a little extra time, I rather enjoy going down each and every aisle just to see what they have to offer (especially at Aldi and Lidl). If we just need a few quick basics, it's much quicker for us to go to the local Denner or nearby MM (medium-sized) Migros. On the other hand, when we are going to prepare something that might require more specialty ingredients, we prefer to go to the MMM (extra large) Migros in St. Margrethen where there is a wider selection. If we just need our staples (bread, milk, cheese, and pasta), we are out of there in ten minutes. At one point, however, we needed corn meal and baking powder and we had to go up and down each aisle at least twenty times before we were able to find what we were looking for. Obviously, by now, we've figured out where everything is. We know the general vicinity of nutella, pasta sauces, and canned foods, give or take an aisle. But when it's five minutes to closing time (which most nights is at 7 PM), I don't have time to go to the "general vicinity" of a food item, I want some direction to the EXACT aisle I need. Then again, if the Migros did have aisle guides, I probably wouldn't understand 90% of the words written on them. Perhaps they could create pictographs for aisle guides...

You probably thought that I could find no wrong with Migros, what with all of my doting lately (cheese section and ARFR), but just to be fair, I had to point out this flaw. Also, I have to send a little love to Coop because their shops in Herblingermarkt (Schaffhausen) and the AFG Arena (St. Gallen) DO have aisle guides, though they're more like a one-word "hints" than guides.


  1. I never thought about the aisle sign thing, but you are right, I don't know any store in Baden that has aisle sings. Not that I'd be reading them anyway. But still.

  2. I have only seen aisle guides in really really big Migros. (and on the French side of the border).

  3. Ha ha. To be honest, I'm not sure I ever paid attention. I do have some serious love for the Migros by the Riglibahn. It's amazing.


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