Call Me Cheap

... but I can't get over how expensive it is to buy a postcard in Switzerland. I'm (almost) over that pesky supermarket sticker-shock, but one franc and twenty rappen for a postcard? Huh?! Because I've grown accustomed to buying postcards throughout my travels for as little as 10 cents, I've been really stubborn about buying postcards here. I even spent a few weeks refraining from such purchases hoping that I'd find a better deal in a different shop. To my dismay, I have found that everywhere I go they cost 1.20 CHF. Is it some sort of law?

You may be wondering why I care at all about something as insignificant as a postcard. Well, not only do I still send postcards (because people still ask for them), I like buying them to replace photos that I never took due to photo restrictions, bad weather, or camera malfunctions.

Like I've done with everything else here that sucks my wallet dry, I have got to suck it up and deal with overpriced postcards. But are they really overpriced? Hallmark cards can run up to $5 a piece or more. How else are they going to make money on paper products? Maybe Switzerland has got the right idea. Unlike those tourist traps that lure you in with cheap postcards, and probably lose money with those deals because many people end up buying only postcards, Swiss souvenir shops (and Kiosks and Coop City) most likely make a profit off of their postcard sales. Isn't that so Swiss?

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