Visiting the Doctor in Switzerland

Our health insurance company here requires that we have a "house doctor" (which I believe is a primary care doctor) on file. Since Isaiah and I rarely visit doctors, we never researched any in our area. We let our insurance agent know we would like someone who speaks English and within a few days he sent us the name of a doctor in our town: Dr. Geiger. (By the way, the insurance guy only sent us Dr. Geiger's name, no contact information. Luckily, you can easily access that information at -- a free online yellow pages. It is available in English, German, Italian, and French.)

That was three months ago. Yesterday, I decided to finally pay Dr. Geiger a visit. Nothing is wrong with me. I just wanted to meet her and ask her about a U.S. prescription I have and see if she could fill it. I was really nervous about going because I was afraid we would have some difficulties communicating, which is probably why my pulse was too high -- that's never happened to me! Anyway, here are some things I found pleasant about my visit:

*Dr. Geiger's office is just a 5 minute walk from my house.
*I waited about 5 minutes to see her.
*She does speak enough English to understand what I need, answer my questions, and give me information.
*I won't need to go to a gyno for my women's needs -- she does it all!
*She has a nice large office with lots of light.
*I can buy meds at her office.
*I didn't have to go to a clinic or a hospital (which is what I had to do when I had Kaiser back in California).

Update: One Big Yodel helped me realize two more things to add to my list...
We discussed my needs while sitting at Dr. Geiger's big desk (not in some patient room wearing a paper "gown"). The only other time I sat at a doctor's desk was when I went to talk to a dermatologist. You can read OBY's take on the big desk phenomenon on her blog.
*Dr. Geiger personally fetched me from the waiting room.

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